State Of Siege: Temple Attack Review- Akshaye Khanna Leads This Edge-OF-A-Seat Thrill Ride

State Of Siege: Temple Attack Review is out now as Akshaye Khanna's fronted action-thriller 'State of Siege: Temple Attack' is currently available for streaming. Check the full State Of Siege: Temple Attack Review below.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jul 09, 2021 12:53 IST
State Of Siege: Temple Attack Review-  Akshaye Khanna Leads This Edge-OF-A-Seat Thrill Ride
image source- ZEE5

Bollywood actor Akshaye Khanna's latest movie 'State of Siege: Temple Attack' is currently available for streaming. This movie is based on the terrorist attack on Akshardham Temple in Gujarat in the year 2002 (Akshardham Temple Attack in Gujarat 2002). You can watch it on Zee5. The focus in movies has been completely on Akshardham Attack. following the current trend, the title of the movie is enough to pique everyone's interest. check the full State Of Siege: Temple Attack review below. 

State Of Siege: Temple Attack Review- Story

The story of the film starts in 2001 where NSG commando Hanut Singh (Akshay Khanna) along with his team goes to rescue the minister's daughter. Hereafter saving the daughter of the minister, some terrorists kill Hanut's friend for ignoring the orders of the senior, which destroys his confidence. However, Rohit Bagga (Vivek Dahiya) does not like Hanut much, while Sameer (Gautam Rode) admires Hanut.

image source - ZEE5

After this, the story takes a direct turn in 2002, where the NSG team goes to Gujarat.

The team is sent for the minister's security but on the other hand, Abhimanyu Singh, who plays the villain (terrorist) in the film, is attacked by four of his boys (terrorists) in the Akshardham temple.

Many innocents lost their lives in the cowardly terrorist attack. The terrorists then start killing innocent civilians one by one to free one of their own (Bilal). At the behest of Commando Hanut Singh, he is given the responsibility to take the situation into his hands. After this, he rolls with his team and starts engaging the terrorists. You will have to watch the film to know how Hanut kills the terrorists. 

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State Of Siege: Temple Attack Review- Performances

The acting performances in the movie are fairly good. Akshaye Khanna has once again proven that he stills has the capacity to perform any role. Coming from the experience of Border & Kargil, Akshaye Khanna has once again done a commendable job playing the role of a commando.

image source - ZEE5
image source - ZEE5

At the same time, Vivek, Gautam, and Sameer have also done justice to their respective roles. Abhimanyu Singh has once again impressed everyone with his acting.

State Of Siege: Temple Attack Review- Direction

The film is directed by Ken Ghosh. Ken has previously directed films like 'Fida' and 'Ishq- Vishk'. Kane has chosen a special topic like Akshardham's attack. In the film, he has presented everything in a beautiful manner. The cinematography in the film is impressive considering the budget.

image source- ytimg
image source- ytimg

The director has presented the small things with a sense of humor. At the same time, the director of the film has also left a cliffhanger in the last scene of the movie in a great way, it now seems that a third installment is not so far away. 

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State Of Siege: Temple Attack Review- Conclusion

Inspired by the 2002 Akshardham attack, This film keeps you completely tied to your seats. The film does not seem to lose its essence anywhere from its first scene to the last scene. Whether it's the use of Gujarati language or a scene of taking the lives of people,  the movie presents everything in an adequate manner. 

Over-the-top action scenes and typical Bollywood cliches have been avoided. Not only this, the film beautifully presents the story of a family & the love of a father-son. Patriotism is not overused in the screenplay, you can say it is sprinkled at times when it is necessary. The film doesn't overwhelm you but it makes you feel good. In case you like to watch masala films, then this one is now for you. 

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