Sonu Sood initiate Scholarships for IAS aspirants, students can apply here; Read details

Sonu Sood initiate Scholarship for IAS aspirants in the loving memory of his mother death anniversary. Students can apply here to know more.

By Pratibha Pahariya, Updated : Oct 14, 2020 14:41 IST
Sonu Sood initiate Scholarships for IAS aspirants, students can apply here; Read details
Image source: (Twitter)

Sonu Sood initiates a Scholarship program for IAS aspirants on his mother's death anniversary. He recently announced on his twitter account and pays his tribute to his mother on her 13th death anniversary. He always comes to the rescue of migrants and the poor to help them in surviving in this crucial time. 

while sharing the news on his social media account stating, "October 13; 13 years since My Mother passed. She left behind a legacy of Education. On her anniversary today, I pledge to support IAS aspirants to reach their goals thru Prof Saroj Sood Scholarships. Seeking blessings, Miss you maa". Earlier he posted a picture stating to launch scholarships for IAS aspirants. 

All the IAS aspirants can download and login to  Scholify App. It is easier for the aspirants to login and downloads the application to register themselves for the scholarship. As we know that Sonu Sood comes with the initiative to educate people and decrease the literacy rate of India. 

On his mother Prof Saroj Sood's death anniversary, Sonu Sood initiates the professor Saroj sood scholarship for IAS aspirants. Sonu Sood always takes participation in social work and tries to help more and more. IAS aspirants can get to know more about the scholarship on  Scholify App. Students get to know about the procedure of applying and the last date of submission. 

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood always comes to the limelight for a good cause. He had come to rescue people in these pandemics and always stays with them for financial support. He helps migrants and students who study abroad to come back to their native land. Now he has come forward to launch scholarships for IAS aspirants. Last month he has even received a prestigious award from the United Nation Development programme (UNDP) to provide the needful sources to the needy people and help the migrants in the pandemics.

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