24 Apr 2020, 05:48 pm By Neha Sinha
Sonu Sood prepared anthem 'Bharat Ek Sath Hai', sends love to Corona Warriors

It is important to increase the expected light in a country battling the coronavirus. Thousands of families are in crisis due to the lockdown, so it is necessary to encourage the doctors, police, nurses, and other staff to hold the front to deal with this epidemic. In such a situation, Sonu Sood has come up with a very inspiring poem, through which he has expressed the hope of getting out of the current situation.

Sonu Sood said about this poem- ​​It is very close to my heart. I want to do something for all our Indians. Especially for those who are our Corona Warriors. I hope that I will be able to encourage people with this poem. I will assure them that we will emerge from this difficulty and become stronger. For those who are fighting in this deadly war, this is my tribute. 

Sonu Sood anthem 'Bharat Ek Sath Hai'

Sonu Sood is also giving a lot of help in the war against COVID 19. In Mumbai, Sonu has arranged for thousands of poor families and the homeless. He has given his Juhu hotel for the comfort of the medical staff. In the month of Ramadan, Sonu is arranging food for 25000 displaced people. After 45000 Mumbaikars, Sonu Sood took the responsibility for 25000 migrant laborers, providing food in Ramadan. 

Sonu Sood took the responsibility for 25000 migrant laborers

'It is my privilege that I am able to help a little bit of the doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff of the country, who are engaged in saving people's lives day and night. They are from different areas and need a place to rest. We have contacted the Municipal and Private Hospitals to inform them about this facility. Give it. ' 

In this difficult time, Bollywood is helping people in every way. Many artists have donated funds from the daily wage workers to the PM and CM relief funds. At the same time, they are also continuously working to Motivate people taking direct front in the fight against Coronavirus. Earlier, Akshay Kumar has also released a song, which raised hopes for the future. 

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'Bharat Ek Sath Hai' Video