06 Sep 2020, 11:50 am By Saumya Bansal
Sona Mohapatra says no one stood up  when she spoke against Salman Khan & Anu Malik, adds 'Maybe Kangana will when I die?'

Ambarsariya singer Sona Mohapatra has frequently been at the receiving end of trolls for her outspoken self. Sona has never kept her foot back from speaking the truth, be it against many bigots of Bollywood industry. She was the first to put a 'Me Too' allegation against Anu Malik, followed by other young girls. But even then, no one from the industry stood up for the actress, feels the 44-year old singer. 


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In her tweet, Sona says that she will never stop speaking the truth no matter how many trolls and threats she receives. But she also adds that even Kangana Ranaut has never supported her, and feels maybe she will do it after she dies? (Pointing at Sushant Singh's case). "I’ve never had ANYONE from the industry 

speak up, support me all through the worst phases of being threatened, bullied,intimidated when I’d called out Salman Khan or Anu MalikKangana Ranaut didn’t either. (Maybe will if I die?)Has never stopped me from speaking up. So STFU trolls, " wrote Sona.