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Shah Rukh Khan urges people to help Animals during lockdown over Covid19 - See Latest
Shah Rukh Khan urges people to help Animals during lockdown over Covid19

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan recently took to social media and urged everyone to donate for stray and abandoned animals so that they are treated with care and compassion amid the coronavirus lockdown. He wrote, 'As the world is coping with the outbreak of COVID-19, We must not forget those without a voice. Let's make sure stray & abandoned animals are treated with care and compassion.' the actor has also come forward to help in the battle against coronavirus by contributing 25,000 personal protective equipment kits to the Maharashtra Health Department for the safety of the doctors and healthcare workers in the state.

Due to the lockdown between the global epidemic coronavirus, people were imprisoned in their homes, but in times of trouble what about those who do not have a roof over them. The biggest hit is those who cannot even open their mouths and ask for food. In these conditions, there is no one to take care of stray animals roaming the streets. But now the film actor Shah Rukh Khan has felt sorry for his condition.

Shah Rukh Khan urges to help Animals

Shahrukh Khan is constantly helping people amidst the coronavirus. He gave aid in the PM Cares Fund and Maharashtra Chief Minister Relief Fund. In addition, he has given 25,000 PPE kits to medical staff fighting the Coronavirus. In the past, Shah Rukh's wife Gauri Khan distributed 95 thousand packets of food to the poor. 

Now Shahrukh has appealed to people to show mercy to animals in this difficult time. Shah Rukh tweeted, 'As the whole world is facing COVID-19, in the meantime we should not forget the idiots. Together make sure to take care of the animals living and abandoned on the streets and show sympathy to them. 

Shah Rukh Khan urges people to help Animals during a lockdown

Apart from Shahrukh, Siddharth Malhotra has also appealed to people to help the animals. He wrote, 'We are all fighting COVID-19 by staying indoors but where will these animals go. Ensure that their time is taken care of and fed to them. We help them and do their work.

Apart from these stars, comedian Bharti Singh had also requested to help animals by sharing a video in the past. He had said that animals are hungry in Film City. All the producers are there, there are channels, there are artists, please go to the watchman and let them eat something. They cannot speak but we have to understand this. Apart from Bharti, Kapil Sharma and Sonam Kapoor have also asked people to help.

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