By Saumya Bansal, Updated : Aug 29, 2020 13:07 IST
Sanjana Sanghi finally opens up about Rhea Chakrabory's 'late MeToo clarification' allegations against her in Sushant's case

Rhea Chakraborty in her recent interviews had blamed Sanjana Sanghi for Sushant Singh's depression. Rhea revealed that the late actor was very affected by the MeToo allegation against him from Sanjana Sanghi and when she decided to clear them, it was quite late as everyone already looked Sushant as a sexual predator. And now, Sushant's Dil Bechara co-star Sanjana Sanghi has responded to Rhea's allegations.

She said, “As a woman, I have said more than everything that I have said. I have said enough and there is nothing new that I have to add. I literally cannot entertain that stuff right now.”

Whether Sanjana knew about Sushant's depression, she said, "I never picked up something like that. I did not have the authority to sense if someone was depressed. I could pick up if a friend or co-actor was not in a good mood, or if something is bothering him. When you are playing two cancer-stricken patients that are dealing with time and the narrative is so emotional. We would be sinister and very serious at many points in time."

"There were days when I would just be in a corner with earphones on, and not speak to anyone, as would he. We would do that with our backs leaning against each other, but that was our zone we created for ourselves to tell the story. I didn’t know Sushant before Dil Bechara, so I didn’t have a benchmark. The person that I was meeting was the only person I knew. With your best friend, you could do that but I did not know him before, " she concluded. 

Credits: India Today