01 May 2020, 10:43 am By Neha Sinha
As Ramayana ends Doordarshan viewership down 50%, Vishnu Puran in line to boost

As Ramayana ends, Doordarshan's audience drops 50% from Vishnu Puraan online to increase. The sixth edition of the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) -Nielsen report, which focuses on changing media habits in the fifth week of India's closure, said there was a 66% drop in audience for DD National during the morning space between April 18 and 24, and a drop of 29% in the night audience. Overall, DD's viewership in the period decreased by 46% compared to the previous week, according to the report, released Thursday.

Ramayana ends Vishnu Puran in line up to boost

However, BARC's weekly estimates, also released Thursday, state that DD National continues to be the most viewed channel during the shutdown. During the coronavirus blockade, Doordarshan brought back his mythological classic Ramayan to entertain people.  Sagar's Ramayan originally aired in Doordarshan on January 25, 1987. The series gained such popularity that years later it was broadcast on private channels such as Zee TV and NDTV Imagine. Due to Ramayana and Mahabharata Doordarshan, they emerge as the most viewed channel in India.

DD National and DD Bharati have also brought back other iconic series, such as Mahabharata, Circus, Byomkesh Bakshi, and Shaktimaan, which have contributed to increasing their audience. Focusing on Ram's sons Luv and Kush, Uttar Ramayan airs daily at 9 p.m., and the same episode repeats the next day at 9 a.m. but now the show will end on 2nd May after that Shri Krishna to be re-telecasted on DD National. At the same time Shri Krishna aired on DD National.

Vishnu Puran re-telecasted Timing, Date Channel

Now Vishnu Puran to be re-telecasted on DD-Bharati Soon, Vishnu Puran timing, Date, Channel, and days everything is here. Vishnu Puran is an Indian-Television Mythological series, by B. R. Chopra on Lord Shri Vishnu. It is based on the Vishnu Purana, an ancient collection of stories and scripture. Vishnu Puran tells of 10 incarnations of Vishnu, as well as other stories, such as The Legend of Dhruva. The weekly series first aired Sunday morning. The 124 episodes were re-telecasted on DD Bharati. Nitish Bharadwaj played the role of Vishnu/Ram/Krishna/Parashurama and Vaidehi Amrute as Lakshmi

Sources in Prasar Bharati said Ramayan's audience peaked as the series approached the end, adding that they had many other repetitions in the pipeline, including those from iconic mythological series such as Shri Krishna from Ramanand Sagar (1993- 1996) and BR Vishnu Puran of Chopra (2000-2001).

As Ramayana ends Doordarshan viewership down 50%

'It was natural that when the story changed ... to the sequel ... the audience would decrease,' said a senior Prasar Bharati official.

'Additionally, we had transitioned to a slower rate of daily episodes with a replay interval in the morning to accommodate various states that wish to broadcast educational content on various DD channels,' the official added, referring to the government's efforts to move forward with the academic calendar. in schools despite the closure.

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