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Priyanka Chopra to return India for just 16 hours - See Latest
02 Apr 2020, 08:24 am By Sanjay Joon
Priyanka Chopra to return India for just 16 hours

Priyanka Chopra is said set to return to India for 16 hours to attend an important UNICEF event,currently she's working on her assignments back in Ireland
Priyanka has been connected with UNICEF for a long time and will be flying back to Delhi tomorrow for the event that aims to raise awareness on child rights. PC will be talking about the importance of child education in rural India. Sources said that she received the invite only a week ago and in spite of having a packed schedule, decided to take some time out for this event. Priyanka Chopra, who is shoting for the third season of her successful TV show ‘Quantico’, made sure to take her time out for her important work. Priyanka will be accompanied by her mother Madhu Chopra.