16 Dec 2017, 12:54 pm By Rohit Sindhu
Priyanka Chopra to charge  Rs 1 Crore for 1 minute performance

Priyanka Chopra has definitely become an international sensation after her entry into the world of Hollywood. So it is exciting to hear that PeeCee will be back on home turf as she will be performing for an award show. However, it looks like the performance from the star will come at a very steep price. According to reports, the actress is charging a whopping Rs 5 Crore for a dance performance on this award show. Her act is touted to be five minutes long and will feature a medley of her hit songs. But it looks like the organizers have no issues matching up to this steep price as they are eager to cash in on the PeeCee mania. The fact that she will be performing in an award show after two years further adds to the excitement and her act will obviously be the highlight of the night.