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Pakistani spies using Aarogya Setu App to target Indian Military, Army issues warning

The Indian Army Personnel have been warned against Pakistani spy agencies' intention to hack the mobile phones of the military personnel by developing a similar app to that of Arogya Setu. Pakistan is using a fake app to steal  the secretive data from the mobile phones of army personnel and use it for their own benefit. 'Inimical intelligence agencies have developed a malicious app by the name Aarogya Setu.apk. Such apps were found to be sent by Pakistan-based Pakistani Intelligence Operatives to WhatsApp groups of Indian Army personnel,' the Army has stated in its warning.

The army men are being targeted by the fake social media profiles with the fake usernames', said a English daily on Wednesday.

Pakistan spies using Aarogya Setu App

The personnel have been advised  not to download the app from any suspicious links. The app should only be downloaded from the Indian Government website or Android play store or IOS Apple Play Store. The army personnel have been asked to be more vigilant and aware and report if any such profile they come across on social media.

Earlier, government asked all the personnel and general public to download the app which was developed in order to trace the people suffering from disease and even those who come in contact with them. The military men were asked to keep a check on cases and identify the infected people.

'Known Pakistani Intelligence Operative account under the fake name of one 'Anoshka Chopra' also found sending the malicious application to Indian Army personnel,' the sources said.  Army Chief Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane has said that while the country is busy in containing the spread of virus and looking out for measures to reduce its economic impact, Pakistan, taking the advantage of the situation, is trying to extract  the country's secretive information.

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