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Marne Bhi do Yaaro Movie Star Cast, Release Date Trailer & Budget

Kashmera Shah directed upcoming movie “Marne Bhi do Yaaro” will hit the box office in 2020. Among movie’s Star Casts Krushna Abhishek & Rishab Chauhan are opposite to Kashmera Shah who is Actor as well as the producer of movie “Marne Bhi Do Yaaro”. In movie Krushna Abhishek will play the role of Time performing as Baba has significant role and also gives message to the people who sometime fed-off over bad time in their lives. Kashmera Shah though belonged to Jammu & Kashmir, so it is obvious that shooting of the movie has significant glimpses of Kashmir’s vadiyaan. Marne bhi do yaaro Movie also has justified comedy and Krushna’s role is beautifully articulated. 

Marne Bhi Do Yaaro Movie Release Date 

marne bhi do yaaro star casts

The release date of Marne bhi do Yaaro movie in which Krushna Abhishek plays the important role is about to be specified. Krushna with his wife Kashmera Shah trying to give important message whoever tries to end his/ her life over materialism and money like issues. Marne bhi do Yaaro’s title also brings a clear note that every one has problems and issues with their own life and it's because of a Bad Time that our young man wants to die but if Time is not on anyone's side he/ she should not look it as much easy. Movie has a dark comedy which highlights today's issues of people giving up easily and a positive message for all the young minds and hearts who remain confused over there to choose one between life and death. 

marne bhi do yaaro release date

Movie has a special connection with Kashmir. Based on interview, director Kashmera Shah said that-Super hit films have been made in Kashmir. Actor and film director Ayub Khan also said that young artists will get a lot of Experience from the film. 

Actress Kashmera Shah make her directorial debut with the comedy Marne Bhi Do Yaaron. "It was not a conscious effort to make a comedy. It's just that I think funny and I write funny and that's how Marne Bhi Do Yaaron came about. Actually, the title of the film was instruceted by our cinematographer Neelaabh Kaul, and we all loved it because it goes well with the concept," said Kashmera, while interacting with the media to promote the film in Mumbai on Monday, while launching its first poster.

Kashmera said: "I have Continually been a friends of comedy films. I Contiually liked films that are lightweight and high on entertainment. However, some comedy films don't give a social message to viewers. Our film gives a social message in a subtle manner. That's the kind of films I am a fan of and that's the kind of film I have made."

Talking about the concept of Marne Bhi Do Yaaron, Kashmera said, "It's disheartening to see young people give up so easily in life -- whether it's in their jobs, love life or relationships. For small reasons, they think of committing suicide. I think life is very beautiful. Kashmera said that failure has taught her more than her success. "Failure is part of life. My failures have taught me more than my successes. So, it is important to fall and it is equally important to fall and rise," she explained.

Kashmera Shah Sharing her experience of directing Marne Bhi Do Yaaron: "l cannot become who I want to be by remaining who I am. So, I made a decision to embark off my high heels and replace them with the shoes of a director. I gave up fear because I knew I had to prove the non-believers wrong."

Marne Bhi Do Yaaro movie Star Casts-

  • Kashmera Shah 

  • Krushna Abhishek  

  • Rishab Chauhan  

  • Rajesh Puri  

  • Kishwar Merchant 

Marne Bhi Do Yaaro Movie Trailer / Poster- 

marne bhi do yaaro movie trailer

Marne bhi do Yaaro movie’s official poster and trailer have been launched.  The poster and trailer of Marne bhi do Yaaro movie released in September month. 

Movie's Budget / Setting - In Movie Krushna acts as Time and Rishaab Chauhaan plays as Raj in the “Marne Bhi Do Yaaro”. Movie is Starring by Krushna Abhishek, Kashmera Shah and introducing Rishab Chauhan among star casts also signifies that it has brought youngsters ahead. In movie Local actors and directors are also staging to move forward.  

As per reports young artists including Rishab and K Merchant have also made their beginnings coming near in touch with celebrities like Krushna Abhishek & Rajesh Puri. 

As per business analysts- review Movie is on moderate budget and likely to hit the box office on large number of big screens in 1st Week of Release. All casts are optimistic over the performance of the Marne bhi do yaaro movie.

  • Music & Background- Rajendra Shivv  

  • Singers- Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mika Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Akhtar Brothers, Vivek Mishra and Budhha Mukharjee  

  • Lyricist- Ravi Chopra, Piyush Aaditya, Nitin Gaikar AND Asad Ajmeri 

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