26 Aug 2020, 03:20 pm By Saumya Bansal

The popular Ekta Kapoor show Kumkum Bhagya is once again making headlines but this time it's because of its star Tripti Shankardhar. Apparently, Tripti has shared a selfie video on her social media handle claiming that her father wants to kill her because she is not ready to marry the man of his choice. The actress also filed an FIR against him and says she wants to move out of the house and start living with her mother and brother. 


When asked by a leading website, Tripti revealed, "Right now I am at the police station (Thana Baradari, UP) and my father (Ram Ratan Shankar) is also present here. I had filed a police complaint against him and cops have got him here. But I don't want any legal procedure ahead or send him to jail. I just want a settlement as my mother, brother, sister and I don't want to stay with him anymore." 


Tripti shared a series of video stories on Instagram and revealed that her father had grabbed her by the hair and smashed her face. She also said that he has been violent with her family since childhood and wants to leave his house as soon as possible. "He has been demanding his money back from me which he gave me to make a career in the industry, " she added. The Bareily Police, where the actress filed the complaint, said that they have not yet received any written complaint but have seen her video demanding help and they soon will start investigating the matter. 



Credits: SpotboyE