By Trishna Das, Updated : Jun 19, 2020 16:56 IST
Kangana Ranaut: When the Queen daringly took Panga with Bollywood celebrities

Kangana Ranaut, the Queen in Bollywood often leaves fans stunned when it comes to taking a stand for herself or others against the film industry. The Tanu Weds Manu actress has proved her point every time she is entangled into controversies. She seems to have mastered the art of winning against her rivals in Bollywood. Kangana in a recent video claimed that some people have been trying to console her and make-believe that she wasn't in a good place during the COVID situation and she shouldn't take any drastic step, which according to her is pushing her to commit suicide just like Sushant Singh Rajput, who hanged himself in his Bandra apartment recently.

However, the Manikarnika of the film Indian film industry is fearlessly standing against all odds proving that she's one of the most daring people who know how to handle any situation she faces in her life. 

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5 controversies of the Gangster actor that has left fans and celebs surprised:

Kangana Vs Deepika Padukone

In what we call a silent catfight, Kangana and Deepika Padukone have been in cold war ever since Deepika dedicated one of her Best Actress awards to Kangana at an award function. Kangana said that she would have loved to hear the Padmavat actress' appreciation for her work in person. Things started to boil after Deepika told that her 'cold war' with the Gangster actor was 'irrelevant' when asked in an interview. 

Kangana Vs Hrithik Roshan

The Queen actress sent shockwaves when she revealed her secret affair with none other than Greek God look-alike, Hrithik Roshan. Things started to unfold after Kangana called Hrithik her 'silly ex' in an interview with the media. Hrithik then filed a defamation case against the actress for tarnishing his image and making false accusations. However, Kangana refused to give up and tried to prove her relationship with the Krish actor and also his betrayal.

Kangana Vs Karan Johar

One of the biggest controversies of Bollywood is this. Kangana called Karan Johar, the flag bearer of nepotism. The actress was invited to Karan Johar's popular reality TV show, "Coffee with Karan" where Kangana dared to tell him on his face that he was the flag-bearer of nepotism. It seems only Kangana has the guts to do things that others wouldn't dare to. In 2017, during the show, she also implied that Karan runs an in-crowd in the film fraternity which she called ‘movie mafia’. Her statement in the show stirred a huge buzz among Bollywood and the entire nation and the never-ending debate on nepotism started.