By Saumya Bansal, Updated : Sep 02, 2020 19:18 IST
JUST IN: Sushant Singh's lawyer releases press statement, says no film or book should be made without family's consent

Sushant Singh's lawyer releases a press statement clearing all allegations against the family of the late actor. The lawyer said, "They (Sushant's family) are pained by negative campaigns against them who have lost their young son. The campaign related to his mental health. Our FIR clearly says that the family knew about his depression and bipolar. But it also says that after Rhea came in his life, he started having these issues. Sushant developed these issues after Rhea came in his life. Whatever treatment she was getting done was never disclosed to the family. It just mentioned some tablets and diseases but not in detail. When Rhea left Sushant and he was anxious, it was only then his sister Priyanka sent him the prescription. Some media channels are not carrying the story correctly. It is the earnest appeal of the family that please do not increase their grief by spreading false accusations."



He further said, "There are also some claims that Sushant had a life insurance policy for which the family would only get money if his case is declared as murder. I would like to clear that the late actor had no such policy. If this news is spread again we will be forced to take strict actions."