Is this the reason behind Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami's arrest?

Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami arrested by Mumbai Police for the suicide case of Anvay Naik in 2018. Let's know more about this case and the real reason behind this arrest:

By Pratibha Pahariya, Updated : Nov 04, 2020 15:37 IST
Is this the reason behind Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami's arrest?
Arnab Goswami arrested by Mumbai Police

Editor-in-Chief of Republic Arnab Goswami had been arrested by the Alibaug Police on Wednesday. People have many questions regarding his arrest and wanted to know the reality behind that suicide.  He had been tortured and assaulted by Mumbai Police for the suicide case of 2018 Anvay Naik. Recently Arnab Goswami charged under Section 306 and Section 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Arnab Goswami has always been in the news for the vocal comments on Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide. Over a dozen officers of the Mumbai Police on Wednesday reached the residence of Managing Director Arnab Goswami and assaulted him without any legal notice and took Arnab Goswami to the police station. Is it the real reason behind Arnab Goswami's arrest? 

According to Anvay Naik suicide note, Arnab Goswami accompanied the other two Feroz Shaikh, and Niteish Sarda is involved in the financial crises faced by Anvay Naik. 

anvay naik
Anvay Naik suicide note 

The Mumbai Police team, which doesn't have a summons, documents, or court papers, has blocked Republic Media Network's Niranjan Narayanswamy and Sanjay Pathak from entering Arnab's residence and did not allow anyone to come in the house. Due to the interior designer Anvay Naik's suicide case, Arnab Goswami is been arrested. The other two people have been involved in the case named Feroz Shaikh and Niteish Sarda as they had not paid him Rs. 5.40 crore which led to face financial issues and opts for the suicidal part. 

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Back in August, Anvay Naik's wife filed a complaint against Arnab Goswami for the nonpayment of debts and the reason behind this suicide attempt. let's have a look at what she has to say about Arnab Goswami arrest:

She questioned the situation and the media regarding his husband and mother in law suicide. She even captioned that video while asking all the questions and states  "why Arnab Goswami shouted for Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide but what about my husband and mother-in-law who suicided because of Mr. Arnab Goswami? What is happening to my case? When will justice be granted to our family? WHY STILL THERE IS NO ACTION?"