Hungama 2 Memes: Check Out Latest Hungama 2 Memes That Are Trending On Social Media

Hungama 2 memes are circulating around social media after the release of the Hungama 2 trailer yesterday. Fans have been furious over the new trailer. These Hungama 2 memes will surely provide you your daily dose of laughter.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jul 02, 2021 14:15 IST
Hungama 2 Memes: Check Out Latest Hungama 2 Memes That Are Trending On Social Media
Hungama 2 memes

The second part of one of the best Bollywood films 'Hungama' is going to release soon. Disney+ Hotstar has also released the Hungama 2 trailer. With the release of the trailer, the fans of Hungama have made a flurry of Hungama 2 memes on social media as well.

This film, which hit the theatres in 2003, made millions of people of the country laugh and many hilarious memes and jokes were also made on many scenes of this film. Something similar is happening even after the release of the trailer of Hungama 2. On seeing the trailer of the film, people on the internet are not able to control their emotions and they are pouring the Hungama 2 memes. 

Most of the fans are unhappy with the Hungama 2 trailer, as it lacks many characters from the original 2003 film. Due to this, people are also expressing their anger by making Hungama 2 memes. The sequel of the film looks completely different from the first part.

People are happy to see Paresh Rawal in the film, while the public is angry with Rajpal Yadav's presence in the trailer for a mere few seconds. Hungama 2 also stars Shilpa Shetty and she is playing the role of Paresh Rawal's wife. Shilpa's hit song 'Chura Ke Dil Mera' has also been inserted in the film, but this song also does not seem successful in wooing the fans.

Hungama 2 Memes- 

Similarly, there are many more Hungama 2 memes circulating online as people are expressing their disappointment over the Hungama 2 trailer. 

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