19 May 2020, 11:15 am By Neha Sinha
I havnt seen my Dad for 4 months, says Kumar Sanu's daughter

Kedarnath Bhattacharya is better known as Kumar Sanu, His daughter Shannon who is quarantined in the US. Various families have been living separately since the coronavirus outbreak into nationwide. Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu and his family also quarantine, while Kumar Sanu is quarantine in India and his daughter Shannon has been isolating in the US with her mother and sister.

Kumar Sanu is a Bollywood Indian playback singer who is famous for singing thousands of Bollywood songs. In a interview with new portal Kumar Sanu's daughter answer some questions. She said the current situation is quite stressful, it's have been a very long time a lot of people protesting near my area. Everyone is maintaining social distance, while some of the beaches have been reopened which is good for the LA. I’ve also noticed people have been going back to their normal lives, shopping for groceries but with the protection of their mask and gloves.

Haven't seen my dad Kumar Sanu, daughter

She said about her daily life like under the lockdown, My daily life involves a lot of cooking and cleaning and organizing in Konmari method I feel like ever since the lockdown I’ve gotten more time to be organized with my things. said I try to find different ways to keep myself busy and not get depressed.

She also states that 'I was planning to come down to India to visit my dad, but those plans had been canceled due to covid19. I haven’t seen my dad in the last 4 months and I’m just waiting for things to get normal so that he can come to visit us real soon. Doesn’t seem soon though. 'I talk to my grandma as well who is in Jaipur, It’s like a part of our daily routine to talk over a video call. I can feel the pain of the people who are far away from their families. 

Kumar Sanu's daughter Shannon isolating in the US

Said said ' I Hope when the flights are back on and the coast is clear I shall definitely visit India. Most likely after getting the vaccine to make sure I don’t fall sick.'  Fortunately, all my family members and friends are safe and none of them have been found positive but I feel extremely awful for those who’ve lost their loved ones due to COVID-19. My deepest condolences go to them. 

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