By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 11:56 IST
Hacked Box Office Collection Day 2: Hina Khan and film starts well at Box Office

Hacked Box Office Collection: Hina Khan's debut film Hacked Movie box office collection Day 2, This Movie has been released at the box office on 7th February 2020. It will not be fair to mention that there'll be a fierce competition between the 2 films at the box office. Hina Khan's film Hacked can open its account on the Day 1 at the box office earning around 1 crore on the day 1. And If we talk about Day 2 Collectioon of Hacked movie this film may earn Rs 2.00 Crore.

Hacked Box Office Collection Day 2

Sexy and Delightful actress Hina Khan from the tiny screen goes to require her initiative in Bollywood industry with the film Hacked. Hina Khan's fans were eagerly awaiting her film. Hacked is a crime-based film in which a 19-year-old youngster becomes crazy due to Hina Khan's love affair and he leaves no stone unturned to ruin Hina's life. Hina Khan will be seen breaking in many places in the film. Hina Khan's glamorous Look will be seen in the film. The hacked film is being directed by Vikram Bhatt, who has been trying his hand in the web series for the past several days.

Hacked Box Office Collection

Hina Khan makes her big Bollywood debut today with Hacked. The film speaks about the evils of the digital world and the way it can ruin our lives if they fall under the incorrect hands. The plotline definitely is current and intriguing and so is the buzz around Hina's first film. But unfortunately, the film hasn't really started well at the box office. As per Trade Expert Rohit Jaiswal, Hacked has open to 2.5-4% occupancy which may not be a great thing for the film's business.

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