02 Apr 2020, 11:58 am By Vaman Dewan
Veteran Actor Dilip Kumar under Quarantine due to Corona Virus

Dilip Kumar has been kept under complete isolation and quarantine in measures to protect from the epidemic Corona Virus. All the bollywood stars are taking serious measures to protect themselves from Corona Virus. The veteran actor’s manager and close friend, Faisal Farooqui tweeted and informed that this measure of keeping the actor under quarantine, is taken by her better half, the veteran beauty Saira Banu while she’s letting no chance for the actor to get infected by the corona virus, and even appealed his followers to stay safe and limit the exposure with others as the spread of the disease transcends enormously.  

For the uninformed, the actor Dilip Kumar’s twitter handle is managed by his manager cum close friend, Faisal Farooqui.  

Dilip Kumar to be under quarantine amid Corona Virus

The veteran actor is being kept under isolation by her wife Saira with every bit of care. It has been seen on a time-to-time basis that the veteran beauty, Saira Banu keeps on sharing the updates with Dilip Saab’s fans about her husband’s health.  

Saira Banu on Dilip Kumar’s health 

Earlier, the actress shared an update in the form of an audio-visual message, on the actor's official Twitter account. Saira Banu said that the 97-year-old actor, who was admitted to Mumbai's Lilavati hospital after suffering from a severe backache, is doing fine now.  

In the video, she shared several pictures of herself along with the legendary actor and said, ‘Hello everyone, I'm so happy to tell all of you that Dilip saab is a lot better. He had a very severe back ache and we had to go and check it out at Lilavati and we checked it out and came back.’ She added, ‘Sab kuch theek hai, allah ka shukr hai, aap sab ki dua hai. We have your love. We have your affection and we are so grateful to you and so grateful to God. God is kind, thank you.’ 

Corona’s adverse effect on Bollywood 

Due to the immense outbreak of corona virus in Maharashtra, it has already been decided by the Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA) to halt all the film shootings from March 19 to March 31.

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