Dharavi Bank Review: One- time watch, same B-town storyline of hide and seek of cops and gangsters

Suniel Shetty’s debuted series Dharavi Bank streaming on MX Player gives you that edge to be able to reel over your age but a story can't satisfy with this aspect only. See the latest Dharavi Bank Review on our page.

By Puja Roy, Updated : Nov 19, 2022 15:47 IST
Dharavi Bank Review: One- time watch, same B-town storyline of hide and seek of cops and gangsters
Dharavi Bank

Dharavi Bank Review 

The story 

The series Dharavi Bank revolves around India’s largest slum Dharavi, and it showcases the charismatic life of Thalaivan played by Suniel Shetty, who is a gangster owning a business of about 30000 Crores. The gang lord has a strong grip on Dharavi with an abundance of money and power.  

The popularity of a gangster puts a threat to the leading Chief Minister, Janvi Surve played by Sonali Kulkarni, and to the government as well. To snatch the Thalaivan’s hold from his hand, she orders a raid on Thalaivan’s place.  

To help her to complete this mission, she conjoined Jayant Gavaskar played by Vivek Oberoi, who is a Joint Commissioner and also seems to have a personal motive to face the Thalaivan. As per the Dharavi Bank review, there are about Ten episodes in Season 1, depicting each motive and happenings in every episode. 

Cast and Roles 

Suniel Shetty debuted the crime thriller series ‘Dharavi Bank is streaming on India’s leading OTT platform MX Player. He Came with full-fledged acting he kicks off another innings with his debuted first web series. Playing the role as Thalaivan, who is a ruthless and powerful kingpin of Dharavi, the largest slum in India.  

Suniel Shetty was loved for his action sequences and mass appeal in the 90s and 2000s, now seeing him again after years of gaping in his acting career is commendable as he chose the role that suits his age and he made his physique and looks, where he fits the role of a Thalaivan. 

We can see Vivek Oberoi in the lead role opposite Suniel Shetty, who was also the most awaited character for his fans to see on screens. Vivek has transformed his physique as he played cop, which is different from his own chiseled self. 

Sonali Kulkarni, whom we saw in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’and ‘Taxi No 9211’ with great performances, played the role of a politician as Janvi Surve in the series. The character has done her role quite appealing and done her part of the role with the versatility of her own acts. 

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Final Verdict 

If counting all the aspects in this series, the story of this is nothing new as we have seen this kind of story in B-town movies and other series, where cops and politics are against a gang lord whose power has become a threat to society and personally to minister’s political career.  

With guessable twists and turns, this series will give you nothing new or any novel motive to watch. This series is for the hardcore fans of Suniel Shetty or Vivek Oberoi who waited to see them on the screen, it may be an OTT platform. Although, the series could have showcased something new to the audiences. 

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