Dhaakad Box Office Final Collection: Kangana Ranaut Loses Popularity At The BO

Dhaakad box office final collection numbers have been revealed now. After Kangana Ranaut's 2nd box office failure, her popularity in the showbiz world has dwindled big time.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : May 30, 2022 17:42 IST
Dhaakad Box Office Final Collection: Kangana Ranaut Loses Popularity At The BO
Kangana Ranaut Box Office (Final)

Dhaakad Box Office Final Collection: The film, which was released in 2,100 theatres throughout the world, fell terribly short in practically every aspect of filmmaking and was pulled from most screens the day after it opened. 

The actor's latest film, Dhaakad, is a disaster. It's a high-octane actioner that references everything from Lara Croft to Red Sparrow and was shot in India and Eastern Europe. To be precise, it was a massive disaster. Dhaakad, which fell horribly short in practically every category of filmmaking, was removed from most screens the day after it was launched, despite being distributed in 2,100 theatres around the world — no small feat for a 'female-led film.' Reason? Despite Kangana's vigorous promotional campaign for the film, which included her now-famous click-bait, rabble-rousing utterances, Dhaakad only made ₹50 lakhs on its opening day. In comparison, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, which was released on the same day, grossed ₹14.11 crores on Day One.

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Despite new releases, including the big-ticket Tom Cruise outing Top Gun: Maverick, the Kartik Aaryan-Kiara Advani-Tabu starrer has fallen off the bandwagon in Week Two. On Day 8, the film, which is now screening in a few theatres around the country, only sold 20 tickets, earning ₹4,420. Allow that to sink in. 

Dhaakad shows with the 'no watch' option on the ticket purchasing website Book My Show, indicating that the film is no longer showing anywhere in Week Two. In comparison to an estimated budget of ₹100 crores, it has made around ₹3 crores (and counting). The film's pitiful box office has precluded streaming outlets from picking it up thus far, which has been the final nail in its coffin. It wasn't even close to being a complete flop. 

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