24 Apr 2020, 05:38 pm By Neha Sinha
Deepika Padukone interacted with WHO Chief Dr Tedros on Mental Health amid pandemic

Bollywood Stars are helping people in every possible way, both financially and mentally, to fight against the coronavirus and are spreading this help among their fans through social media. A few days ago, Priyanka Chopra spoke to the WHO Director-General about COVID 19. The video of this entire conversation was shared by the actress on her Instagram.

Deepika Padukone who chief dr tedros

After Priyanka, Deepika Padukone will now discuss mental health with WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyes. The actress gave this information through a post on her social media account Twitter. This discussion will be live on Deepika's Instagram the day after tomorrow ie 23 April. But Deepika has come under the trolls' target for this discussion with Tedros Adhanom.

Fans are getting angry at Deepika and telling them not to discuss. There are some users who have even said that if they discuss with the Director-General of WHO, they will stop watching their films. People are expressing their anger on Twitter

Deepak Padukone discussing WHO chief on mental health

Let us tell you that this virus, originated from Wuhan city of China, has caught the whole world. Every country is struggling with this. The role of WHO is also being questioned among them all. The WHO is being accused of having met China. Even the US President, Donald Trump, has announced to stop funding the organization, accusing the World Health Organization of negligence. Trump says the WHO erred in understanding the novel coronavirus in time. He has also accused the WHO of favoring China and handling the epidemic extremely badly.

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On 23 April, Deepika Padukone will discuss the importance of mental health and what lessons can be learned from the future during the COVID-19 with Tedros. It can be seen live on Instagram at 7 pm.

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