Chintu Ka Birthday Review: Vinay Pathak's film is on optimism, Watch online on ZEE5

Director: Devanshu Kumar and Satyanshu Singh

Rating: 3/5

The film Chintu Ka Birthday, directed by Bollywood writers Satyanshu Singh and Devanshu Singh. This story is about the Bihari family trapped in Baghdad, who want to celebrate their son Chintu's sixth birthday with great pomp. But then the American police comes there, due to which they are unable to celebrate Chintu's birthday. Vinay Pathak's Film is on optimism, The trailer of the film and its dialogue have left no stone unturned to win the hearts of the people. Writers and directors Devanshu Kumar and Satyanshu Singh had a special conversation with new portal about this film, in which they told a lot about the film.

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Directed by Devanshu Kumar and Satyanshu Singh, Chintu Ka Birthday is a story of optimism and humanity in the time of adversity. The film tries to evoke the feeling of love for one's family and brotherhood in general.

Chintu Ka Birthday Review

A middle class family prepares to celebrate the birthday of their 6-year-old son Chintu in the lockdown during the Iran war. There is a crisis outside but the family is fully together. From making cakes to celebrating Chintu's birthday, this family is fully united. What will happen or not? Because of this, the family of Chintu does not want to let this joyous occasion go away by hand. In the meantime, there is a shootout outside. The story of the film revolves around this. What is the reaction of family members in this crisis? How do they protect themselves? Everything will be seen in this film.

Watch Chintu Ka Birthday online on ZEE5

Celebrating birthdays has become a new norm where there is a huge crisis during lockdown. Children are very excited about their birthday but sometimes the situation comes such that neither friends nor other family members are able to come to their birthday. The same is being seen in Chintu's birthday in this film. The film is of 1 hour 23 minutes. In such a situation, the producer has not wasted any time in telling the story of the film. Vinay Pathak, the much-loved guardian in the film, Tillotama Shome, you will get to see whose performance is superb.

Vedanta is playing the role of 6-year-old Chintu in Raj Chhibber, who is the narrator of the film. Chintu gives a back story in the film about how the war in Iran is causing massive destruction due to Saddam Hussein and George Bush. Chintu accuses Bush in the film that he is unable to celebrate his birthday because of him. Chintu's parents assure Chintu with a smiling face that they will try to fulfill his wishes even in this crisis. How the whole family is in distress, the whole family is beginning to fulfill the child's small dream. You will see all these things in this film.

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