Bigg Boss fans urges BB13 makers to be fair as Season’s last week nearing

As per Trends Shidharth Shukla is ruling the BB13, so be fair BB makers, urge fans. As the last week of BIGG BOSS 13 You should be fair. Where We got our Top 5 contestant With Bigg Boss .We know the Tough Competition in Bigg Boss house in between the Shidhart Shukla and Asim Riyaz it is quite complicated to Judge the Winner. As we can see it clearly that Sidharth is Playing by his side in last task so ‘fairly’ fans urged Bigg Boss have to be fair at the time of choosing Winner, there should fair Winner At BB13.

Bigg Boss fans urges 'to be fair'

In Bigg Boss house everybody is playing their Game so clearly they have most of the fights in BB13 but the othrehand they forget it and Corporate with each other. the cutest contestant in house Shehnaz gill is also seems to support Sidharth Shukla  . But the people not want safe winner, they want the deserving Winner in the Bigg Boss 13 .There is so controversies come out of the BB house but as we want BB13 to be fair enough to announcing the winner. Shidharth Shukla is supposing to be the winner of Bigg Boss 13, he give his blood as well as his sweat in the game. Now it all comes to the point of Bigg Boss makers to make right choice not to be biased .Secondly whom people really like and vote for.

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bigg boss fans urged to be fair

Bigg Boss 13- A Popular Season

Bigg Boss is reality show which decides it’s result on the bases of voting. They always shows it as quite tough at the time  of announcing winner but this time we want fair results, urged bigg Boss fans. They Want winner on bases of voting and Entertainment not the safe winner. Because it's the most popular Season of Bigg Boss , we want the fair results comes out by Bigg Boss . Viewers really want some satisfying results or the winner,as this season is so trending and go popular World Wide .