As Bollywood awakes to Rhea's drug peddling case, here is the list of movies & songs promoting drug culture

The portrayal of drug culture in Bollywood films and songs are normal, so why is the country reacting to the recent happenings with Rhea Chakraborty abnormally? Check these films and music out:

By See Latest Desk, Updated : Sep 09, 2020 14:11 IST
As Bollywood awakes to Rhea's drug peddling case, here is the list of movies & songs promoting drug culture
Rhea's drug peddling case

As Rhea Chakraborty gets sentenced for 14 days for consuming drugs with her late boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood has joined hands to support Rhea. But what has come across as a bigger picture, is the reaction that the whole public is giving, as if they haven't enjoyed the open drug culture showcased in Bollywood films and music earlier. To refresh everyone's memory, we have come up with some of the recent movies and songs which have showcased injecting intoxicants like it's a normal thing to do in the modern world. More so, have supported and glorified it with background music and heroic actions.


The most recent film in Bollywood based on the real-life of actor Sanjay Dutt. The film's first half is full of Sanjay Dutt consuming drugs and naming all of them proudly in front of his parents and friends. He got introduced to it by one of his friends and later goes on to consuming it without repercussions. There are some scenes too which have been portrayed comically (Ranbir Kapoor putting a toilet seat cover on Sonam's neck) so that the audience could enjoy it.

Go Goa Gone

It is one of the most popular films among the youth and casts actors like Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu and others. The movie openly shows the actors taking drugs and going high and that is supposed to be funny for the audience.

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Delhi Belly

Just like Go Goa Gone, Delhi Belly is a highly intoxicated film with throughout usage of various forms of drugs and foul language. During the time of its release, it became more a cult film with people enjoying its songs like 'Babaji Ki Booty' and 'DK Bose'. Don't forget the lyrics of the song which goes like, "Jo bhari chilam bane hum hero

Life lage film samasya zero

Daaru banno ki gandi harqat

Booti upar wale ki barkat

Babaji ki booti la la la

Babaji ki booti la la la. Oh o let me take you to the babaji. Sukh gunjan babaji, dukh bhanjan babaji Ae ae wonderful babaji, powerful babji He is bootiful babaji he."

Another Bollywood song which instantly comes to mind is Manali Trance. The song's lyrics goes like, "Badla mizaaj mera phookte hi grass. Grass lage hai mohe sabka ilaaj. Thoda toh main jhoom loon iske nashe mein. C'mon DJ laga de dubstep trance. Oh kaisa lage hai mohe kaise main bataun. Laage hai sab kuch upside down. Tu bhi kheench do puff

Manali ka hai ye stuff

Tu bhi kheench do puff

Manali ka hai ye stuff."

Kabir Singh

The film that already gained a lot of spotlight for its music and alleged misogyny, Kabir Singh consuming drugs was supported by peppy background music and heroic portrayal. People loved the scenes where Shahid ran after his maid and consumed drugs like a maniac.