02 Apr 2020, 12:00 pm By Neha Sinha
Anushka Sharma makes Kohli's special haircut, during lockdown Video

Corona Effect: Anushka Sharma makes Virat Kohli's special haircut at home, during lockdown shared video. Everyone is imprisoned at home due to the Corona outbreak. During this, it is also difficult to get out for grooming. In such a situation, Anushka Sharma found a fun way and cut the hair of their husband Virat Kohli at home. Everyone from the common man to the celebs is imprisoned at home amid Corona lockdown. During this time shops are being opened only for the goods of need. Meanwhile, celebs are doing health, from fitness to personal grooming at home. Now Anushka Sharma cut her husband Virat Kohli's hair at home and also shared the video of it.

Anushka Sharma makes Kohli's special haircut

Anushka Sharma has become a hairdresser from the actress. The reason for this is the Coronavirus Outbreak. Celebs also did not leave for grooming during the lockdown. Meantime, Anushka Sharma cut her cricketer husband Virat Kohli's hair at home. This funny video, Anushka is seen cutting Virat 's hair and in the last, you will also see her before-after look. Virat has also praised the haircut. 

Anushka Sharma Turns hairdresser

That the Corona has spread panic all over the world. Meanwhile Celebs are connected to people through social media. Virat and Anushka also shared the video earlier to make fans and people aware. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, currently in quarantine during the lockdown, are busy with all kinds of cute things. Virushka even know just how to give a cute spin to basic life hacks, like a haircut. Virat indulged in some customised salon treatment at home, courtesy wife Anushka, who shared a video of Virat's haircutting session on Instagram on Saturday morning. On the scissors? Anushka Sharma, who procured a pair from the kitchen. LOL. Desperate times need desperate measures, no? While getting his hair trimmed, Virat says: 'This is what quarantine does to you. We allow things like this to happen. Getting a haircut with kitchen scissors! Can you see this gradual fade? Beautiful haircut by my wife.'

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