Amitabh & Anupam Kher react on major power cut in Mumbai, city faced power outrage

An unusual power outrage cut was proclaimed around 10 AM in the city leaving many trains grounded on tracks causing many inconveniences to the citizens of Mumbai.

By See Latest Desk, Updated : Oct 12, 2020 14:34 IST
Amitabh & Anupam Kher react  on major power cut in Mumbai, city faced power outrage
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The celebrities of the film industry felt it was unparalleled as Mumbai face an unusual outrage of electricity. Anupam Kher tweets and reacts with a surprise emoji and stated it as a "batti gul" moment. Amitabh Bachan, the big B of Bollywood who is so active on social media tweeted, “Entire city in power outage .. somehow managing this message. keep calm all shall be well.”

A huge outrage of the power cut was reported by the citizen of Mumbai. The unusual power cut was reported around 10 AM on Monday morning leaving trains grounded on tracks. According to the Western Railway, power cut failure happened due to a grid failure at Tata Power. Travelers were seen walking on the train tracks. The train services have been restored now. 

Due to the power outage in the city, civic hospital bodies were effected causing minor surgeries to be canceled. On the basis of medical requirements, hospitals restored power backup for emergencies. Although, the civic hospitals such as Sion Hospitals, King Edward Memorial Hospitals, BYL Nair stopped power supply to their general wards and out-patient departments. Doctors had to check their patients wearing PPE suits in darkness on 12th October.

According to BYL Nair Hospital, “We don’t know how long there will be a power shortage. So, we had to stop the supply at OPDs, which don’t require emergency services. But as we had already received a large number of patients, we completed their checkup in the dark with torches and phone lights,” said a resident doctor from Nair Hospital." 

According to Sion Hospital, “We have spoken to the electricity department of our hospital which informed us that we have power backup only for two hours. So, we are trying to arrange for more fuel to provide electricity in emergency wards longer”.

However, private hospitals did not face any kind of trouble and were less affected by the power outage. According to Dr. Ravishankar, CEO of Lilavati Hospital,  “Our medical services haven’t been affected in any way. We have a power backup of up to 12 hours. The OPDs and surgeries are going on smoothly“.

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