14 Dec 2017, 12:47 pm By Rohit Sindhu
A New Twist in Zaira Wasim's Assault Case

There has been a twist in the Zaira Wasim case after a fellow passenger and an eye witness has deposed before the police saying that the arrested senior Media executive Vikas Sachdeva is innocent.

The witness of the incident in a statement to Sahar Police said that he ?did not see? Sachdeva misbehaving with the actress. He said that he was seated in the same class (business) in which the actor and the accused flew from Delhi. Sachdeva did not seem to have done anything apart from keeping his legs on the armrest of the seat where Wasim was seated, as per Times of India report. ?I saw Sachdeva doze off immediately after he settled in his seat after boarding the flight at Delhi. His fault was he kept his legs on the armrest, which was wrong. I did not see him misbehaving. He also apologized when the actor shouted at him when the flight landed at Mumbai airport and the matter was settled then,? he added.

The case has now reached the court where the executive has been placed under police custody for further interrogation. Vikas has been charged under the serious charges like sexual assault on a minor.