By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 18, 2020 09:53 IST
Longest Animal ever: 150 Feet animal discovered in Australia's deep water

Schimdst Ocean Institute has claimed that it has discovered longest ever animal near about 150 feets long in Australian deep water. A siphonophore measuring an estimated 150 feet was discovered in Australia's deep sea during scientific expeditions diving, on Friday. The giant Siphonophore Apolemia is a deep sea predator and is made from a floating colony of tiny individual organisms that cloned themselves thousands of times to make the longest ever recorded animal. Scientists are still working to measure it accurately, the Institute said. Alongside of it Institute claims it has estimated it’s length at 150 ft.

On Saturday the Schimdst Institute study revealed that an estimated 150 feet long animal has been found in Australian deep water. According to report in Rueter, this 150feet giant would be longest ever animal.

The giant animal was found in Australian deep water would turn as longest ever animal recorded in history. Earlier to this Blue whale has been found as longest animal with length 79 feet (24 metres). As per Institute report the 150 feet long giant animal is made up of floating colony of tiny individual organisms. It forms itselft by cloning thousands time it's tiny individual organisms, according to SOI Institute.

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Longest Ever Animal- Un-Named

longest Animal ever 150 feet long

Longest ever animal found in- Australian deep water

Length of Longest ever animal- 150 feet

Source- Rueter

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