Tennis Star Roger Federer donates $ 1 million to Swiss Public to fight Coronavirus

World Health Organisation (WHO) mentioned Coronavirus as an epidemic. Most of the Super Star of the different-different countries are donating to save the poor people who can not afford this much amount for fighting with novel Coronavirus. World's Tennis Super Star Rodger Federer has pledged to donate over $1 million to help those families who are suffering from Novel Coronavirus  (COVID-19) and could not afford it.

Tennis Player Rodger Federer is contributing help in those people who are native Switzerland. Rodger Federer wrote and viral a script on Instagram on Wednesday that 'We must help families in need quickly and unbureaucratically'. As per the WHO Switzerland is the 9th country in the world according to the death of the people. The novel coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the world as the result are showing by the WHO. 

Tennis Star Roger Federer donates $ 1 million

World's Football Super Star Lionel Messi has donated 10 lacs or Rs 8 crore to Barcelona hospital for fighting with Coronavirus. The Olympic game has postponed due to coronavirus because some players are suffering from coronavirus and they are not able to play with dedication.

Tennis Star Roger Federer donates $ 1 million to Swiss Public to fight Coronavirus

Italian Football Super Star Roma has announced and shown her empathy to fight with coronavirus for this purpose Roma donated three intensive care ventilators and eight new intensive care beds for a hospital in Rome. On Tuesday, Roma delivered 13,000 FFP2 marks to the people at a hospital in the city, along with 120 500ml bottles of the hand sanitizer.

Roger Federer donates $ 1 million for Public to fight Coronavirus

As discussed for the Major Football attractions of Europe, Premier League, Champion League, Euro Cup, Europe League, LaLiga, Fa Cup, and other various types of domestic Sports are postponed due to COVID-19. World's famous football champion Cristiano Ronaldo and football agent Jorge Mendes joined forces on Tuesday to donate lifesaving equipment like Marks, Sanitizers, etc to Portuguese hospitals to prevent novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

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