By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Dec 27, 2019 09:22 IST
Plane Crashed over Building in Kazakhstan ! Hundred on board with Five Crew Members

On Friday a plane with 95 passengers and five crew members crashed over Building in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan`s Civil Aviation Committee confirmed the Plane crash accident. Fresh reports visualized some passengers survived the accident but number of fatalities were not confirmed at time of report. The Plane carried 95 passengers and five crew members before crashing over building in Friday Morning. Bek Air Company’s plane which crashed was bound to Almaty to Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan.

Plane Crashed over Building in Kazakhstan

On boarding five crew members and 95 passengers a Plane crashed near the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. Plane was bound and heading for the capital, Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan and due to some failure lost its altitude during takeoff and broke through a concrete fence. Plane later hit a small building and fall over building as ANI reports.

Plane Crash in Kazakhstan- Nine People Died So Far

Later report confirmed that Plane belonged to Bek Air Company and it boarded 100 people in flight including Five Crew Members. After crash over building Central Asian aviation authorities confirmed the death toll hiked to 10 at spot & may move beyond as fatalities predicted high in Plane.

Almaty airport said emergency services are imposed at crash site and rescue operation is underway.

plane crashed over building in kazakhstan

As Central Asian aviation authorities said death toll was not confirmed nine passengers causality had been reported.

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