One more Air-strike in Baghdad Taj Stadium- US Denies Latest Strike

As per reports coming air-strike is conducted targeting Iraqi Militia in Baghdad in Saturday morning. The Gaurdian reports featuring latest Airstrike in Iraq’s Baghdad Taj Stadium occurred on Saturday. Later US coalition denied the latest strike conducted in Iraq as OIR spokesperson Col. Myles B Caggins III tweeted.

On one hand Iraqi state televisions said the airstrikes had taken place and that they were carried out by the US coalition. Both Iraq’s umbrella grouping of Shia militias and the Popular Mobilisation Forces also accused the US over latest strike in Iraq.

One More Air-Strike in Iraq

According to Reuters report airstrike was conducted in Taj stadium in Baghdad which killed several people, earlier report said.

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one more air strike in iraq baghdad taj stadium

Later the US-led coalition in Iraq says it did not carry out Saturday latest Airstrike in Iraq’s Baghdad Taj Stadium. However US has issued advisory to its citizens to leave Iraq as soon as possible through State Department.

Previous to that Iran leaders have vowed to take revenge of being killed their commander in Chief Qaseem Sulemani who along with six other people killed in US AirStike at Baghdad Air Port. World devided in two halves over US strike.

Source- Rueters