On Trump’s Direction US Air-Strikes Iran and Iraq Commanders | See Latest Video News

US President Donald Trump on Thursday posted a picture of the American flag after senior Iran and Iraq commanders were killed in US airstrike. Pentagon confirmed the strike in Baghdad which was from US President’s direction. Pentagon added that strike were aimed at deterring future Iran & Iran’s future plans. US has carried out defensive action at the direction of President Trump to protect US personnel abroad by killing the head of Iran, Pentagon briefed.

US airstrike at Baghdad airport on Thursday led the Iran’s elite Quad Force Commander General Qaseem Soleimani killed along with six others at International Airport in Baghdad in Iraq.

US Air Strikes over Baghdad Killed Qaseem Soleimani

Pentagon has accused Soleimani for feeding several attacks on American Diplomats and Service members in Iraq and in gulf region. Quad force were responsible for hundreds of Americans and coalition forces including December 27 attack in which Americans and Iraqi personnel were martyred, said Pentagon.

With the direction of President Trump we were able to Physically defeat the caliphate that remains physically defeated, if you will- they added. Later after the successful strike US President posted US flag on his twitter handle which signaled the victory of US forces.

US Airstrikes over Baghdad

As per reports the strike US carried out may hike escalations with Iran specifically. Over more than two years Iran-US relations have been affected after US pull out from Nuclear deal with Iran and resulted their relations bitter as President Trump took oath in US.

Stike is confirmed by Pentagon and US President, however no video aur any specific footage has been shared so far.

Source- ANI