Chinese Passengers & Crew banned by Canadian Cruise lines due to Coronavirus

Nowadays the fear of corona virus has increased with the increasing number of patients. Amid cornovirus breakdown in China and region our cruise lines ban Chinese passengers and Crew from there said Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines. We are refusing to accept the  passports of China, Hong- Kong & Macco because of the coronavirus outbreak. On Friday Royal Caribbean Cruise Companies announced banning Chinese Crew and passengers due to precaustionery measures.

Chinese Passengers & Crew banned by Canadian Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line are denying the Passengers and the crew from the china, Hong-kong & macco passports .and Royal Caribbean says that it would not allowed guest or crew members if they are ‘from, to, or through’ China, Hong Kong, or Macao in the last 15 days, or the person who is come in the contact who is been from those places  are not allowed .Carnival is reportedly following a similar guideline set out by the cruise industry’s trade group, after this article is published they not banning the passports . 

Coronavirus Outbreak too Dangerous for Cruise

chinese passengers and crew banned

Norwegian cruises are taking to the next level .Saying that it would allow the crew on board or the passengers who are passing through those places from the past 30 days. Carnival announced that who are booked earlier they refund full to those .the news come to know that there are 3 cruise which are affected by coronavirus  outbreaks or scares over the last few days , two of which were quarantined.the anthem of sea are supposed to enter a new trip on saturday.Royal Caribbean is offering passengers on that trip ‘a 1-day refund in the form of an onboard credit’ plus ‘a prorated credit’ if passengers ‘pre-purchased any packages such as, beverage, internet, or dining.’

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Both the cruise are not responded to when the question arises about passengers who have been planning for a trip on cruise.These cruise lines are afraid of coronavirus outbreaks  so wortley in China , Hong-Kong and Macco