By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 19, 2020 11:18 IST
China should be held accountable for Coronavirus, says US Secretary

US secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has released a statement and directly accuses China for hiding facts about Coronavirus. Mike Pompeo while helding China responsible for spreading coronavirus says that President Xi Jingping led govt. in china should admit this and tell the world about real facts that how virus spread across the world. Secretory of State says if China wants to cooperate with then real help from China to the world, would be making them aware of root cause of this disease and making scientists aware of that how virus exactly began to spread at this speed and how that was originated.

Secretary also criticized the Communist Party’s reign in China because they they knew about that criticality of the virus before it began to spread. Even after acknowledging the danger they didn’t close the travel routes to rest of the world, a lot of movement for China was recognized.He clearly mentioned that it is due to Communist Party because no responsible democracy does the same. He quoted that ‘it is why such risk is associated with absence of transparency’. Well, everyone is aware that how China hide actual number of cases.

China should be held accountable for Coronavirus

On Saturday, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo accused China for hiding the facts regarding Corona Virus. He said President Xi Jinping led government needs to be accountable and should tell how COVID-19 spread rapidly around the world. Speaking to Fox News, Pompeo said, We really need the Chinese government to open up. They say they want to cooperate. One of the best ways they could find to cooperate would be to let the world in, to let the world scientists know exactly how this came to being and exactly how this virus began to spread.’

The leadership there knew about the virus before they took the public writ large. That's dangerous. A lot of cases, a lot of movement, a lot of travel around the world before the Chinese Communist Party came about what really transpired there. These are the kind of things that open government democracies don't do. It's why there is such risk associated with the absence of transparency, he added.

US Government has constantly criticised President Xi Jinping to conceal the facts regarding sudden spread of Corona virus. He should be accountable for it.  

As the virus emerged from Chinese city, Wuhan, has now taken the lives of lakhs of people and infected more than a million people. This has also lead to global lockdown causing everything at a standstill.  
American President, Donald Trump named the virus as Chinese Virus and believed that this virus has been intentionally generated to destroy a large number of people around the world. 

US Secretary Pompeo remarks is significant as it has come when Trump administration has raised question against Chinese accountability. However earlier President Trump denoted Coronavirus as Chinese virus is also significant because he clearly remarks that virus is originated from China. Even in a press conference Trump was asked to that why he uses such a racist comment about virus and calls it Wuhan virus there he said it’s not racist but it denotes the fact that virus was originated over there.

Even experts have constantly criticized the Chinese President Xi Jingping for concealing and destroying the correct information. While proving fabricated information about the coronavirus to the world that ultimately led world to the danger. Many countries are accusing China for allowing coronavirus spread to other countries by not prohibiting foreign travel that is extremely irresponsible and pathetic at the same time.  

As per John Hopkins University data approx 2,332,004 have been globally affected due to coronavirus so far and 160,767 have died .whereas in India 16,365 are corona positive and 521 died.

It is clearly visible that world is suffering due to China’s irresponsible attitude. While China is busy in playing blame game with US rather than accepting the fault. Now China has recovered from covid-19 and making profit out of the trauma caused coronavirus and persistently providing financial and medical support to other countries to create good image.

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It would be interesting to see in coming days that what response China gives to the global pressure to admitting the originating and spreading the virus.

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