By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 07, 2020 17:02 IST
WhatsApp reduces Message forwarding limit to One, to stop fake news spread Company limits

Facebook-owned Social Media giant WhatsApp has decided to reduce the limit of forwarded messages amid Coronavirus misinformation which is being spread on Whatsapp. Instant messaging app on Tuesday decided to reduce forwarded messages limit to one from five, which has been running at all WhatsApp platforms. Amid Coronavirus outbreak globally various 'fake news' is being forwarded every minute and taking the same perception in mind, it is decided that already forwarded message further can be forwarded to one person only. Earlier the same limit was up to 5 and now reduced to one said Company on Tuesday.

It is stated that the WhatsApp message forward limits to be applicable to those messages which are already forwarded or having tag of the forwarded message. To curb the false information spread this decision of reducing message forwarding is taken and Company is working with Governments, NGOs and WHO in regarding the same matter.

WhatsApp reduces Message forwarding limit

WhatsApp is going to put a limit on forwarded messages globally. This new limit regulation will be implemented together in all WhatsApp Messengers, the Company said. The limit would be applicable for that particular message which has been already forwarded five times. An earlier similar decision was taken to tag that particular message as 'forwarded message' and the recipient started screening that as a forwarded message.


WhatsApp which is a product of Facebook, further stated that the Company knows, users love to send messages by forwarding memes, videos, images, and prayers but in the last few days, the spread of fake news on Coronavirus or Covid19 are also being spread. ‘There is found increase in numbers of fake news on WhatsApp in recent days, to curb and stop this type of fake News WhatsApp has decided to lower down Forwarded message limit to one.

Message Forwarding limit applicability

Only those messages which have tagged as the forwarded message can be further forwarded to one person. Earlier there was a limit of 5 people to whom the message could be sent at once.

Due to the increase in Coronavirus fake news in the last few days, regulating the policies and recommendations WhatsApp has decided to reduce the limit of forwarded message to one. Amid fake news spread and misinformation circulation the decision is taken and will be applicable for those messages which are already forwarded. In recent days it has been found that various false news was being circulated and forwarded on WhatsApp and to stop this kind of news the decision was a must.

WhatsApp is also working with Governments, NGOs and WHO to make forward the real or truth to the people, the statement added.

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