By Neha Sinha, Updated : Jun 03, 2020 15:46 IST
Remove China App expelled from Google Play store, Sparks row on Social Media

The Indian app Remove which was lauched last month, Remove China Apps expelled from the Google play store. According to Google, the app has violated the Play Store Deceptive Behavior Policy. Under this policy, no app can make any change in the user's device settings or in the feature outside the app, as well as not to incite the removal of any third party app. The company went live on the Play Store on 17 May, which came to the limelight after escalating tensions between Indo-Chinese on the LAC border in Ladakh. It was specially designed to remove China-made apps from the phone, it had downloaded more than 5 million users.

Recently, the Google Play store has expelled Remove China Apps, which became very popular. This app worked to uninstall the apps developed in China from smartphones. After removing it from the Play Store, a large number of Indian users have expressed their anger. On Twitter, users are demanding that Google's decision to bring the app back, denying Google's decision. The Remove China app was launched a few days ago. In a short time this app got more than 50 lakh downloads.

Remove China Apps

This is the second high profile app to be removed from the Google Play Store this week for allegations of violation of the 'Spam and Minimum Functionality' policy on the Mitron app. The Mitron app was also removed from the store a few hours before the removal of the Remove China apps. The Mitron app had also received more than 5 million downloads due to anti-China sentiments. After which the Google Play Store removed the app alleging violations of the 'Spam and Minimum Functionality' policy.

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The makers of Remove China apps (expelled), created by Jaipur's OneTouch Labs, confirmed its removal from the Google Play store by tweeting late on Tuesday. The company reported that when a large number of people were using the Remove China apps to remove China-made apps, it was 'not intended to encourage or force people to uninstall any applications' it was used for educational purposes only.

Google has confirmed that it has decided to expelled the Remove China app for violating the Google Play Store's deceptive behavior policy. The policy does not allow apps that encourage users to remove or uninstall third-party apps 'and confuses users with removing or disabling third-party apps.

Remove China App expelled from Google Play store

Remove China apps on the Google Play Store received a large amount of positive reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 stars. Its downloads also reached new levels soon after becoming popular on social media. The app's quick growth suggested how a large number of smartphone users in India are looking for a solution to stay away from Chinese-made apps. This clearly corresponds to the ongoing measures by the government to end its relations with China due to cross-border tensions.

Many apps, including tiktok have already faced public resentment for being a Chinese platform. Conversely, the rise of anti-China sentiment initially helped TikTok Alternative Mitron, which was initially considered an Indian app, although recent reports surfaced of buying source code with Pakistan. However, it was later removed from the Google Play stop for violating spam and repetitive content policies.

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