RRB NTPC Paper Analysis Day 3: December 30 Shift 1 Answer key, Paper Review Explained

RRBs conduct NTPC Computer based test for the 3rd day on Wednesday, December 30. The first shift examination gets concluded at 10:30 AM in Morning. Students coming out of the exam centre provide asked questions and their experience with paper difficulty level of the NTPC 30 December shift 1 exam.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Dec 30, 2020 16:46 IST
RRB NTPC Paper Analysis Day 3: December 30 Shift 1 Answer key, Paper Review Explained
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The Railway Recruitment Boards on Wednesday succesfully conducts Computer Based Test for NTPC Stage 1 exam in Morning shift. The online examination has been carried out following the social-distancing guidelines. Candidates who appear for the NTPC 30th December exam in shift 1 have provided a review of the shift 1 paper. Asked questions of General Awareness, Mathematics, and Reasoning are facilitated, based on students' rememberance. 

RRBs holds Computer-based exam for the 3rd consecutive day on December 30, as phase 1 commenceed on December 28 for Non-Technical Popular Categories Graduate and Undergraduate posts. As the examination is over for shift 1, scheduled from 09:00 am to 10:30 am candidates are facilitated here an analysis of asked questions with experts' review of GA, Reasoning and Mathematics sections.

Speaking to the candidates of Noida sector 62 to know their opinions, a student who takes the examination of 30th December (1st shift) tells, "The overall paper level was moderate and students having basic practice could easily attempt 25 Mathematics questions".

Sharing his view another candidate Pardeep Sharma said, "The Reasoning section was comparatively easier than of 28 and 29 December papers and questions of GK were asked following 4-5 questions from Current Affairs". It is also told that 2-3 questions based on Full Forms are being asked in each shift. Weightage of Computer questions is also varrying between 1-5, another student from exam centre said. 

The 1st shift examination was held at designated test centres in cities across the country. For morning shift reporting to candidates began at 7:30 AM whereas the last entry was rescrticted at 8:15 AM. The exam kick-started at 9:00 AM and lasted at 10:30 am with 90 minutes time duration.

RRB NTPC 30 Dec 2nd Shift Paper Analysis:

Here is detailed analysis of Afternoon shift paper with asked questions- Click Here.

NTPC 30 Dec 1st Shift Paper Review & Solutions:

Questions asked in Shift 1: 

Q- CWG 2022 will be held in- Bermingham, England

Q- Congress Convention meeting held in- 1924

Q- HQ of OCED is situation at- Paris

Q- Jojhila Tunnel is in- Leh- Manali

Q- Founder of Das Dynasty- Kuttubuddn Ebak

Q- Capital of South Africa- Pritoria, Capetown

Q- CEO of IBM Arvind Krishna

Q- One kilobyte carries how many bytes- 1024

Q- Mahavir ji also known as- Vardhamana or Kevala

Q- Big Bang Theory is related to- Cosmology

Q- Capital of Indonesia- Jakarta

Q- Yojana included in Guinese Book of World Record- Sambhal Yojana

Q- Dream 11 CEO- Harsh Jain

Q- 1, 9, 25, 49, 81, - 121

Q- Bengal Division was held- 16 Oct 1905

Q- Non-Divisible number below 55- 53

Q-Strongest bone of face- Jaw Bone

Q-Constituent of Plastic- Compounds of Carbon

Q-Chairman of DRD- G Satish Reddy

Q-Hunger Index Rank of India- 94

Q-Vitamin C is also known as- Ascorbic Acid

Q-Full form of DHCP? Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Q- Transistor was invented

General Awareness: 40 questions have been asked from the section. About 4-5 questios from Current affairs followed by static GK, Defence Exercises, United Organizations were asked in shift 1 examnation.

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Quantitative Aptitude: 30 questions in Objective type format were asked including of more than 3 questions were asked from Number system, Mensuration, Time and Distance, 3 Questions from BODMAS, Train-Speed, Data Interpretation, Geometry, Simple and Compount Interest.

Reasoning: Questions from Puzzle, Coding-Decoding, Non-Verbal reasoning were asked in majority in 1st shift Online examination.

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