RPSC to release ARO Answer Key Exam 2020 soon, 24 November Paper Analysis

Rajasthan Public Service Commission shall display in the Website ARO (Agri. Chemistry) Examination 2020 Answers Key shortly after the Written Screening Examination held Shift-wise on the 24th Date of November 2020. The Candidates, who appeared in A.R.O. Examination may apply with Objections challenging the ARO Screening Examination 2020 within the timeline.

By SC Sharma, Updated : Nov 24, 2020 17:34 IST
RPSC to release ARO Answer Key Exam 2020 soon, 24 November Paper Analysis
ARO Screening Examination 2020 Answer Key Image Demonstrative

ARO Examination 2020 Answer Key: Rajasthan Public Service Commission shall publish shortly the Shift-wise Provisional Answer Key for Agriculture Research Officer Examination 2020 held on the 24th Date of November 2020.  The Office of Controller / Registrar will display in RPSC Website the ARO Screening Examination 2020 Answer Key Set-wise (A, B, C, & D) to seek challenges from the Candidates.  The Candidates, who appeared in the Screening Examination for Agriculture Research Officer may submit individual Objections via E-Email Identifications registered in respective Online Applications. 

ARO Screening Test 2020:  Rajasthan Public Service Commission held Objective Type Screening Examination 2020 consisted of 02 Parts.  The A.R.O. Screening Examination 2020 with 03-Hours Span comprised 180 Objective-Type Multiple-Choice Questions for Aggregate 180 Marks.  The ARO Screening Exam- 2020 involves Negative Marking of 0.33 or One Third for each Incorrect Response / Multiple Answers to each MCQs. No Mark / Zero (0) Mark shall be awarded for Un-attempted / Unanswered MCQs.      

ARO Screening Examination 2020: RPSC ARO consisted of 02 Parts, i.e., Part A: General Knowledge of Rajasthan and Part B: Agriculture Chemistry where Part A comprises the Objective-Type Multiple-Choice Questions as described hereunder:   

Agriculture Officer / A.R.O.(Agri. Chemistry) - 2020 

A.R.O. (Agri. Chem.) 

180 Objective- Type MCQs  


Negative Marking of 1/3  

24th November 2020 (24.11.2020) 


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Part - I comprises 50 Objective-Type Multiple Choice Questions based on Unit - I:  a) Historical Rajasthan; b) Emergence of Modern Rajasthan; c) Art of Rajasthan, d) Language and Literature, e) Religious Life, f) Social Life in Rajasthan and g) Geography of Rajasthan  

Part-II comprises 130 Objective-Type MCQs based on Units II up to XVUnit-II: Chemical (Elemental) composition of the Earth's crust and soils. Unit-III: Cation and anion exchange process in soil. Unit-IV: Structural Chemistry, Classification of Minerals, Chemical Composition and properties of Clay Minerals among others. Unit-V: Factors of Soil formation, Soil forming processes; Weathering of Rocks and Mineral transformation; Soil profile, etc. Unit-VI: Soil survey and its types; Soil survey techniques, Soil survey interpretations, Soil mapping, Mapping units, Techniques for generation of Soil Maps among others.  

Unit-VII: Soil Physical Properties, Unit-VIII: Soil fertility and Soil productivity; Nutrient Sources: Fertilizers and manures, essential Plant nutrients-functions and Deficiency symptoms and others, Unit-IX: Principles of pH Meter, EC Meter, colorimeter and flame photometer. Common Soil test methods for Fertilizer recommendations among others; Unit-X: Soil Biota, Microbiology and Biochemistry of Root-Soil Interface, Phyllosphere, Rhizosphere, Soil Microbial Biomass (C, N and P) etc. 

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Unit-XI: Area, Distribution and Management of Salt-affected soils and poor quality Waters, Acid soils, Acid sulphate soils, Highly and slowly permeable soils mong others. Unit-XII: Soil, Water and Air pollution problems associated with Agriculture, Nature and extent. Remediation / Amelioration of contaminated Soil and Water. Unit-XIII: Preparation of Solutions for Standard Curves, Analytical reagents, Qualitative Reagents, Indicators and Standard solutions for Acid-base. 

Unit-XIV: Determination of Nutrient Potentials and Potential buffering capacities of soils for Phosphorus and Potassium, Estimation of Phosphorus, Ammonium and Potassium fixation capacities of soils. And Unit - XV: Radioactivity and Units, Radioisotopes - Properties and Decay Principles, nature and Properties of Nuclear radiations. Principles and use of Radiation Monitoring Instruments. GM - Counter, Solid and Liquid scintillation counters among others.

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