MHT CET 15 October Paper Analysis: Engineering (PCM) Shift 1 & 2 Answer Key, Solutions

Maharashtra CET Cell conducts on 15 October another online exam for PCM / Engineering courses. The examination is reported conducted following the social-distancing and guidelines. Here's the detailed Analysis of MHT CET 15 October paper is explained.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Oct 15, 2020 16:36 IST
MHT CET 15 October Paper Analysis: Engineering (PCM) Shift 1 & 2 Answer Key, Solutions
MHT CET Answer Sheet 15 October Representational Image

Maharashtra Common Entrance Test Cell holding the Computer Based Test on October 15, 2020 would like to display Answer key at Cell may display MHT CET 2020 Provisional answer key within 5 days of the examination. Candidates appear for the MHT CET 15 October (Engineering) Shift 1/2 online common entrance test will be eligible to check Answer key, response sheet and intimation on raising challenges against preliminary Answer key.

Ahead of the official intimation on Solution key, experts' views on October 15, 2020 MHT CET PCM Online examination are briefed. A detailed analysis of MHT CET October 15, 2020 held PCM group Engineering examination for shift 1 and shift 2, is provided. MHT CET (PCM) exam all shift asked questions, paper difficulty level & students' reactions are highlighted.

According to reports Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (CET) Cell conducts MHT CET PCM group online examination on October 15, for the 4th consecutive day. The Online computer-based examination held across allotted centres in Maharashtra in two sessions (Forenoon & Afternoon). The examination was conducted following the social-distancing and proper sanitization. Students were only allowed wearing face cover/ masks inside the examination centre. Entry at all the entry points were staggered to minimize the risk of infection.

Students who appear for the MHT CET 2020 (PCM) online exam can have a look at the asked questions, section wise questions' weightage and difficulty level. A report on questions weightage, safe attempt and expected cut off will also be facilitated. The medium of the MHT CET 2020 Engineering paper was multilingual. Questions asked in the MHT CET Engineering 15th October papers were in English or Marathi or Urdu for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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However, the Mathematics Paper was in English only. In CET shift 1 & 2 exam a total of 150 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from Class 11th & Class 12th syllabus were asked. Total duration for the MHT-CET Examination was 180 Minutes in which the Candidate had to solve 200 questions. Here is the shift 1/ 2 paper analysis for MHT CET 15 October PCM group courses.

MHT CET 15 October Shift 1, Paper Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult level

Chemistry: Questions in this section were asked from Basic concepts of Chemistry, States of Matter: Gases and liquids, Redox reaction, Hydrogen & its compounds, s-Block elements (Alkali and alkaline earth metals), Basic principles & techniques in Organic Chemistry, Solution, Electrochemistry, Coordination Compound, Biomolecules, Polymers, Chemistry in Everyday Life (DNA, RNA), Chemical Kinetics, p-block elements.

In MHT CET 15 October paper questions in Physics section were asked from Motion in a straight line, Motion in plane, Atoms & Nuclei, Dual Nature of Matter, Optics, Electromagnetism, Current Electricity, Communication Systems, Electrostatics, Unit & Measurements, Gravitation, Oscillation, Work, Power & Energy.

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Mathematics questions were asked were from Classs 11th & 12th NCERT syllabus. Topics include Matrices & Determinant, Pair of Straight Lines, Circle, Conics, Trigonometric Functions, Vectors, 3-D Geometry, Plane, Linear Programming Problems, Continuity, Applications of Derivative, Integration, Differentiation, Applications of Definite Integral, Differential Equation, Probability Distribution, Statistics and Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution. Relation & Function, Algebra, Calculus, Vector, Probability, Linear Programming etc.

Video Courtsey- Physics Gyaan Mukesh Nayak

Note- Provisional Answer key of each version of question paper & Candidate’s response will be made available on website as per schedule. The Candidate’s response will be available to each candidate after entering Password and Registration ID.

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