In just three days 262 students and 160 teachers test positive in Andhra Pradesh, says Senior Official

As many as 262 students and 160 teachers have been tested positive of Covi-19, an official said on Thursday. Schools have re-opened in Andhra Pradesh state after November 2, for the class 9 and 10 students and in just three days hundreds of students test positive.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Nov 05, 2020 16:23 IST
In just three days 262 students and 160 teachers test positive in Andhra Pradesh, says Senior Official
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According to the Health Officials, as many as 262 students and about 160 teachers have been tested positive in Andhra Pradesh state, after re-opening of schools. According to News Agency PTI,  after the reopening of schools in the Andhra Pradesh state, within 3 days hundreds of Teachers and students have been found Covid-19 infected.

The Andhra Pradesh government has announced of reopeining of Schools from November 2, for the Class 9 and 10 students. Following the negligence in the Covid-19 safety guidelines several teachers and students got infected on the very first day of the schools reopening in Andhra Pradesh state. "Within three days the number of teachers and students who are infected, is not a good sign", an official said. 

The report claims that about 160 Teachers and 262 students have been tested Covid-19 positive across the state, within three days. The surge in cases especially in the Schools across Andhra Pradesh state, has raised eybrows of the Officers. Several reports have brought up how the students and parents are seen flaunting COVID-19 safety instructions.

Earlier, Andhra Pradesh state Education Minister Adimulapu Suresh following the Unlock 5 guidelines for the School Re-opening, from the Ministry of Home Affairs, released an order allowing state Government/ Private schools to operate from November 2 for class 9 and 10 students. Schools were shut in the state since March 22, when nationwide Lockdown was imposed, due to rise in Covid-19 cases.

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